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Preschooler School Work

My favorite starter workbook for my Preschooler’s has been School Sparks.  You can purchase it from Amazon (free shipping with Amazon Prime), and it’s HUGE.  Yes, it’s expensive ($28), but it covers every area of learning in one workbook.  The sheets tear out (nice for copying).  It has the following sections in it:

  • Fine Motor Development
    • Tracing, cutting
  • Visual Discrimination
    • Learning colors, shapes, letters, same/different
  • Math & Number Awareness
    • Skip counting, sorting, classifying, patterning, etc.
  • Auditory Processing
    • As in following directions
  • Reading Skills
    • Including sight words

If the price tag of $28 for a workbook doesn’t sit well with you (but seriously, this thing is like War & Peace thick), they have a blog & you can print EVERY.SINGLE.WORKSHEET from their website!  I should point out here that you’d spend far more on paper & toner than if you purchased their book though.  They even create worksheets around the holidays that are specific to that holiday, which I personally love.  I was originally turned on to their site from my oldest daughter’s preschool class who used worksheets from the book.  I went & sought out the book they came from because I thought the worksheets were really well done.  For example, here’s their Valentine’s Day worksheet options (which incidentally is a great look into their format for worksheets):  Click the photo & it will direct you to School Sparks website (and these Valentine’s day worksheets):Valentine's Day Worksheets