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Auction Project

My daughter’s Kindergarten class was responsible for an auction project this year.  It’s the school’s big fundraiser, and in the past years when I’ve attended, the class projects are really nice.  So, being of unsound mind and having zero extra time, I clearly volunteered to do the project myself.  I love being creative, but I quickly felt the pressure of coming up with a unique project not involving the what I’ve seen every year at every school-related auction, you know…the fingerprint whatever.  Like this:


The typical auction project

And so, I ventured to find the next unique project by doing what every good mom does…I headed to Pinterest to plagiarize some project someone with more time already had done.  I couldn’t find anything I really gravitated toward though, but I did find one project I really liked, but it was way too involved for Kindergartner’s to do (they have to do a majority of the project).  It was this:


I loved this reclaimed project  – but it was too involved 

I love reclaimed wood, and I desperately wanted to figure out some project that I could do with a wood backing.  But what…  I also loved the idea of this project, but didn’t like the way it was executed:

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 7.55.48 PM

Love the idea, not the execution

So, my internal debate on what to do perpetuated.  But then it hit me, if I could have the kids create a door, I could mount it myself on a wood backing.  Wood doors, wood back.  Perfect. So, that’s what I did.  I bought 13 doors (for the number of kids in the class), and had each student paint their own door, however they wanted.  I purchased decorative pins, cut the pin part off for my door handles & viola.  It’s a Christian school, so I used the idea above of the Proverbs verse, but ended up going with one from John.  To top off the project, I got a photo of each student, and mounted behind the door, so that when the doors are opened with their handle, it reveals the artist of the door behind it.


Kindergarten Doors mounted

And the bible verse I used (and plaque):


I very intentionally “aged” the wood background.  No staining here, I used good ol’ steel wool + vinegar to gray it, then I hammered the heck out of the wood to make it look more reclaimed than new.  Done.