Monthly Archives: October 2014

Annie Sloan me…

Instead of building something from scratch to paint, this time I went to Craigslist.  I found a really darling piece that was old.  It wasn’t necessarily as cheap as a lot of Craigslist finds, but its bones were so good, and it had so much character, I had to have it!  It wasn’t bad in its existing state, less a watermark on the top from someone’s coffee or something.  But I had plans for that sucker…Annie Sloan, baby!

I chose to go with Country Grey on the paint layer.  The piece has some beautiful metal inlay on the doors (which is what I loved about the piece in the first place).  I wanted to preserve those without paint, so I gaped them up.

I then chose to use the dark wax to finish it off:

And then for the inside…my favorite part due to the open doors, I went with a blue color:

And the final project: