Magic Sand knock off: for pennies

I’ve played with & been tempted to buy that Magic Sand stuff that’s like $15 for a box.  Knowing my kids, it would be spread across my floors in about 5 minutes…so I searched Pinterest for an easy recipe.  Luckily, much more creative moms than I have experimented & found easy recipes.  I used this one from TinkerLab.  She called it “cloud dough”, but whatever, it’s cheap & the kids love it.

I have to sing the praises of one of my absolute favorite kids craft, mom’s experimenting again with spray paint, items to contain the mess:

Seriously, these things are AWESOME!  And I’m serious when I say they get thrown away by the pound at every hospital.  These are used to wrap sterilized trays for use in operating rooms.  So for one, they’re sterile (yeah for not bringing Mersa back to the kids), 2 they are water proof (or at the very least incredibly water resistant).  They’re designed to keep any germs out of sterilized trays as their transported from central sterile (which is the department you’d want to ask for them from) up to OR’s.  If you ask at the visitor’s desk for central sterile, they’ll look at you like you’ve got a horn growing out of your head, so try calling in advance to see if you can talk to someone in Central Sterile and tell them you want one of their used “blue wraps”…they’ll know what you’re talking about.  Typically, there are PILES of them.  And you don’t need a truck load.  I’ve been using the same one over & over again for spray painting, staining, etc. projects.

Okay, off that tangent.  Here’s the recipe:

Magic Sand Recipe

4 cups of flour
1/2 cup of vegetable oil

Yep, that’s it.  Obviously, you can double that.  I wouldn’t halve that recipe though, this is about the right amount for 1-2 kids.  Clean up was a flash (with my trusty free OR wraps).  Except for my kid that decided to decorate her hair with the flour/oil combo (ugh).  Off to the bath tub…

Magic Sand knock off

Magic Sand knock off


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