A New Obsession…sort of.

I’ve always loved to do projects.  There’s simply more satisfaction in doing it yourself than running to the store and buying it.  My last project was the table that I built.  Well…the mood struck me to whip out another one, done.  Not sure if I’ll keep this one or donate it to an auction at church…we’ll see.

BMS_Table 2

I literally finished that table yesterday, and today I’ve already started the next one.  Unbeknownst to my dear husband, he’ll probably cry when he finds out what I’m up to now…good thing he never bothers to read my blog posts!  I’m going to redo our master bedroom bed and bench (and nightstands).  I ordered some fabric to cover a bench we currently have (which is all brown).  And some other fabric to cover our headboard.  I’m starting on the easiest job: the bench.  I unscrewed the top of it & will recover that.  First, I need to paint it.  I’m defaulting to my favorite new paint: Annie Sloan.  Not cheap paint, but I’ll save myself the task (and mostly the time) of having to sand & prime that bench.  Annie Sloan chalk paint is amazing, I highly recommend it.  My MBR was way to brown, and I’d grown tired of the dullness of the room.  Our walls are a light grey (Annapolis Grey by Benjamin Moore to be exact), so I wanted to lighten up the room while taking the grey of the walls into my planning. I failed to get a good shot that included the bench (prior to dismantling it & starting in on the paint), but here’s what I had to start with (you can see the bench in the foreground of the photo – or at least the top of it anyway):

BMS_MBR redo

Master Bedroom: BEFORE

This project is To Be Continued…


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