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I built a table!

In under a week. My first real, get-out-the-saw, cut-the-wood-yourself, screw-it-together, and paint-it table, or anything of the like really. Inspired by Pinterest, I credit my Dad for helping me to cut the wood. But I drilled every little pocket hole myself. I’m so excited about my table!! I loved it (and so did Tom) when I showed him this photo of it on Pinterest (though at the time I believe he though it was something we’d purchase, not that I’d build myself:

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 1.21.39 PM

I have always wanted to do something like this, so I bought the wood (my table would have 2 legs as my space was smaller than this one) & asked my Dad if he’d help while in town.  We got the saw out & did the measuring & cutting together:

startprojectBMSHe was only in town for 48 hours, so there wasn’t time for him to help me actually build the table.  But here’s step-by-step as I put it together:

You can click on all those little pictures to see them closer up…but here’s what I did next:

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And then finally, I painted & did a wee bit of sanding on it:

And the final product:



Annie Sloan painting adventure #1

So I did my first Annie Sloan painting this past weekend….I’d heard about the paint & felt I must try. Why Annie Sloan? Because you don’t have to prime, sand, prep, nothin’. That’s what I’m talkin’ about as a mom of 2 busy kids…let’s get ‘er done fast & easy.

I found a storage bench on Craigslist, scooped it up & repainted it:

And the finished product (until I decide to repaint it!):

Stenciled Wall: The project that took an eternity

So, I’m finally done.  I started this project in FEBRUARY and finished it at midnight last night.  Why did it take me that long to paint ONE accent wall in our bonus room?  Because I have 2 kids that suck the energy out of me & if you think you can paint on a ladder with a 2 & a 4 year old you’ve lost your mind.  So, I must wait them out until they are asleep at 8pm.  At 8pm, I am exhausted from the days whining, fighting, coaxing, policing, etc. via that 2 & 4 year old.  So, most nights, nothing happened on that wall.  But alas, I am done & here it is:

What it looked like before:



My first start on the stenciling in February 2014:


The first stencil

What it looks like this morning:

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